Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This application provides a vehicle for the campus community to advertise items they no longer need for others to use with no cost attached. It could be anything: office supplies, furniture, equipment. Using this site to exchange unwanted items saves money, ensures less waste goes to landfill and supports our campus culture of sustainability. Anyone with a campus NetID can join.

If you are interested in acquiring items please follow the steps below:

Browse the Recycle@Queen’s online inventory to match your needs with the current stock.
If you find a suitable item, make arrangements for delivery.

Return Policy: If you are not satisfied with the item after it has been delivered to you it can be returned, however, you will be responsible for the moving fee charged.

If you want to give away items:

Please click the Place Ad link and provide as much information as possible, including at least one photo.

Please mark your item as “sold” if it’s taken by someone instead of deleting it. This allows the information to be exported annually for waste diversion reporting.

In most cases, university-owned items can only be transferred to another university department or office. Questions about removing university assets for personal use should be directed to

If your item doesn’t find a new home, you can fill out a pickup request form on the facilities website.